The Student Advocacy and Prevention Coordinator position is temporarily vacant. A search is underway.

The Student Advocacy and Prevention Coordinator provides confidential advocacy and supportive services to students impacted by sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, or stalking. This includes information about reporting options, individualized safety planning, accompaniment, emotional support, psychoeducation regarding the impact of trauma, referrals to on and off campus resources. Students can expect an environment that is trauma-informed, survivor-centered, and empowerment-based.

The Student Advocacy and Prevention Coordinator also provides educational offerings related to violence prevention, promoting a campus culture of empathy and care for students of all backgrounds and experiences. The Coordinator also partners with on- and off-campus organizations and resources to foster a sense of integration and wholeness with respect to survivor experiences and healing. At Lafayette, we believe in community, accountability, responsibility, empathy, safety, and speaking up/out for ourselves and for those in and around our campus.

The Student Advocacy and Prevention Coordinator seeks to create a campus climate in which students feel safe and respected . Success means that all students are safe from gender, sexual, and relationship based-violence.This is done by:

  • Promoting prosocial bystander attitudes and behaviors, encouraging students to intervene, check in with one another, and hold one another accountable.
  • Integrating conversations around enthusiastic consent and healthy relationship behaviors.
  • Embracing a growth mindset, challenging ourselves to see those who may unknowingly cause harm as being capable of learning, while addressing the needs of survivors so that they can heal and feel whole.
  • Equipping students with the knowledge and resources to connect to on and off campus resources.