Dear Students,

This is your annual reminder about the College’s process to register events with alcohol (also known as the party registration process). Students hosting social gatherings with 20 or more guests and where alcohol is present are required to submit a notification form on Our Campus. The key questions to ask for whether to submit a form are 1) if there will likely be more than 20 guests present and 2) if alcohol will be present. If both questions are answered, yes, a form would be completed; if either/both answers are, no, then you would not need to complete the form. The form includes helpful reminders for how to enhance safety, requests contact information for hosts, and triggers a follow-up email with reminders about the local noise ordinance and trash code expectations for being good neighbors. When events occur students should conform to all expectations that already exist in the Student Handbook. If there is an issue, there is now a contact in the listed hosts, who may be called to address any concerns in the moment. This is what working together and building trust looks like. Through education, sharing information, and reinforcing good social host and good neighbor practices, this community can have a vibrant social life and a safer one.

As an incentive for role modeling good practices, Student Life will offer up to 30 free “party packs” of food to those who file the notification form for their event with alcohol; eating before and while drinking is a good practice and one element we hope students will emulate even after the next couple years.

This program is made possible through a grant funded by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. The opinions and statements expressed in this advertisement do not necessarily represent the views of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. Funds for food-based incentives were provided by Lafayette College as matching funds.