The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has awarded Lafayette College a $40,000 grant that will run from fall 2022 through spring 2024. The Reducing Underage Drinking and Dangerous Drinking Grant is awarded to community partners who propose innovative programs that advance the mission of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board in promoting responsible consumption of alcohol for students of legal drinking age as well as reducing underage and dangerous drinking. 

The purpose of this program is to cultivate a good-faith relationship between students and the administration in working together to provide social opportunities in a way that maximizes safety and reduces underground social gatherings, where dangerous drinking is more likely to occur. 

The College will use the funds to enhance responsible social-hosting practices for large events that serve alcohol. To accomplish this goal, a multi-pronged approach will be implemented. The College will invest in a nationally-recognized module for all juniors to receive education relating to responsible social hosting. A party registration/notification process will be established for clubs, organizations, or individual students who host large social gatherings of more than 20 people where alcohol is present. The form to register a party will include good safety practices, reiterate the good-samaritan/amnesty policy, and ensure hosts are identified. In addition, the College will be funding a limited number of food packages from its own match funds that are meant to absorb alcohol that will be offered (free of charge!) for early submitters and/or around high-risk periods as a way to say thank you for working with Campus Life and for serving as role models for responsible hosting practices.  

The program is administered by the Division of Campus Life. Dean of Students Brian Samble will serve as the project leader. 

More details will be forthcoming to students, families, and the community during the 2022-23 academic year. For questions, contact Dean Samble at