Dear Students,

Welcome to Lafayette College, and congratulations on your decision to make this your home for the next four years. Soon, you will be on campus for orientation, and then classes and activities will begin and the pace will pick up. It is during the “peaceful” summertime that the College expects all incoming students to complete brief educational modules to learn about difficult circumstances that, while we hope to never encounter personally, do impact students each year across every college and university in the country. 

The College has invested in these modules to help prepare you for what can be difficult personal circumstances or the need to help a friend going through a difficult experience. Additionally and separately, the College requires that each student supply the name of at least one emergency contact in case a student is in a significant emergency situation. In total, there are 4 modules, plus the emergency contact(s). Please plan to complete these modules and update your emergency contacts by August 1, 2022 at the latest. Of course, the sooner this is complete, the sooner it is off your plate!

We look forward to seeing you on campus in the weeks ahead. 

Be well,

Dean Samble

Brian Samble, Ph.D.
Dean of Students
Lafayette College
Pronouns: he/him/his

Alcohol, Drug, & Sexual Violence (2 Modules)

Platform: Catharsis

How to complete: Students should have received two emails from Kognito on or around June 17

Recognize & Prevent Hazing (1 Module)

Platform: College-Hosted Spaces Site

How to complete: Log into

Student Mental Health (1 Module)

Platform: Kognito 

How to Complete: Visit Kognito and create an account using your Lafayette email.  Should you encounter any technical concerns and need support, you can reach Kognito support at or by calling (866) 449-8834 Mon – Fri 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.

During your time at Lafayette College, you may become concerned about the mental health of a  friend, roommate, or classmate. Kognito is an online training that helps you develop skills to: 1) identify signs of distress in others, 2) approach those for whom you may be concerned, and 3) help connect them to campus resources for support.
This training helps you become more comfortable in navigating conversations that can make an important difference in our Lafayette community. We all have an important role in creating a campus culture that cares about others and their well-being.
The anticipated time for completion is approximately 40 minutes. Additional resources are included at the end of the training.

Emergency Contact(s) 

How to complete: Log into

Your emergency contact is the person the College typically will first contact in the event of an emergency. For most students, the emergency contact will be your parent or guardian; the emergency contact should be someone outside of the College community. You must provide this emergency contact information here: Personal Information. You may list more than one emergency contact if you wish.

Please understand that in certain emergent situations, the College may contact others in addition to or instead of your emergency contact, particularly when doing so is deemed necessary by the College to protect your health or safety or that of others.