The following message was emailed to the campus community at 11:10 p.m. on May 22, 2021:

Dear Campus Community,

Public Safety is investigating a disturbing report of an assault with bias that occurred at approximately 3 a.m. today. We have also received a number of One Pard reports underscoring how concerned members of the community are about this discriminatory behavior. While we can’t release specific information about individual students, we can outline how we respond to reports of physical and verbal assaults.

Our primary focus is on the immediate safety of the person reporting violence directed at them. Once it is clear that the reporter is not in immediate danger, we then turn to outlining options for filing a report and working to connect the student to various campus resources. Our response often involves members of Campus Life staff, counseling on-call services, and other College or external partners.

Depending on the path the reporting party elects, we may immediately begin an investigation through Public Safety. Sometimes this is done in conjunction with Easton Police. Other times, it is done with another campus office such as Educational Equity or Student Conduct.

Once an investigation begins, we are focused on receiving eyewitness information. In the investigation phase, it is most critical that those who witnessed the incident as well as anything leading up to or following the incident contact Public Safety. We appreciate the firsthand reports students have submitted this evening.

In order to appropriately adjudicate incidents, it is very important that witnesses are identified and statements collected. In addition, we often rely on video evidence taken from cameras on or off campus. When the investigation is finished, the report is sent to Student Conduct for consideration of College policy violations.

The College Code of Conduct is the means by which we hold individuals and groups responsible for behavior that violates our policies. Our processes require that students who initiate a process and those accused of violating our policies are afforded an opportunity to provide information in the investigation.

Lafayette condemns violence and discrimination in all forms, and we will do our utmost to investigate and address any reports received. Anyone with firsthand information related to this incident should contact Public Safety at or (610) 330-5330.

Brian Samble
Dean of Students