Good evening, students:

Recognizing that some of our residence halls are not air conditioned, we want to outline additional steps that have been taken to provide 24-hour access to climate controlled areas.

The forecast ( indicates the temperatures should cool down by Friday but the next two days will continue to reach temperatures in the 90s. Although the predicted temperatures are significantly lower than last week, warmer weather creates uncomfortable living conditions in approximately half our residential spaces that do not have air conditioning. As such, arrangements have once again been made for the Farinon College Center TO REMAIN OPEN 24/7 THROUGH THURSDAY EVENING (regular hours resume Friday). Additionally, students in residence halls have building access to Keefe Hall Commons (ground level), which has been established as a cooling location.

Please stay hydrated, avoid strenuous activity, and, if you reside in a non-air-conditioned location, visit climate-controlled locations as frequently as possible.

Definitely looking forward to Friday….

Dean of Students

phone:(610) 330-5320
fax: (610) 330-5509