Dear Lafayette Students,

Welcome to the newest members of Lafayette College and welcome back to our returning students! Although the summer provides a natural break after an academic year, the energy that the beginning of a fall semester brings fuels our community and re-energizes our campus.

As we begin the new academic year, I write to provide a reminder that the 2018-2019 Student Handbook (available at is a valuable resource. Please be sure to spend time becoming familiar with its useful information about campus offices, explanations of various processes, and our community expectations.

Also contained in the Handbook is Lafayette College’s Statement on Student Rights and Responsibilities. This Statement was created with input from faculty, students and the Board of Trustees, and is updated periodically.  The Statement lays the foundation for the code of conduct, articulates our unique position as an educational community, and highlights the meaningful role students play in sustaining this community. The strength of a residential college lies in the learning opportunities that present themselves around every corner, from classes and laboratories to dining and residence halls, playing fields to performing arts venues and everywhere in between. Learning alongside and from one another is the heart of what we do each day.

One change to the Student Handbook for 2018-2019 is in the College’s Policy on Distribution of Literature, found in Appendix VIII, p. 91.  To ensure College property is not damaged, there are additional guidelines about where to hang materials such as fliers and posters (e.g., materials should not be placed on exterior building surfaces, outdoor furniture or fixtures, elevators, etc.).  Additionally, all posters, fliers, etc. must contain either an event date or a remove-by date if the flier is not event-specific. Sponsoring groups and organizations are expected to remove fliers within 24 hours of events or on the remove-by date. The full list of guidelines can be found in the Handbook.  

I hope that you will take full advantage of all our campus has to offer in your time at Lafayette, and that you explore the wide range of resources we have to assist our students. If you have any questions about the Student Handbook, please feel free to contact me or Jennifer Dize, Assistant Dean of Students.