Lafayette Students,

I am writing with important information related to the upcoming weekend. It’s a busy weekend to be sure, with seven athletic teams competing, our Prologue and XLC prospective students visiting, and all of the festivities related to Spring Concert. To help you celebrate, the College, Student Government and the Lafayette Activities Forum (LAF) are sponsoring events this weekend that allow you to create great memories with friends.

On Saturday, we will host the fifth annual Spring Concert with Daya and D.R.A.M, both of which have been nominated for Grammys and iHeartRadio Awards.  We hope to see you on Saturday afternoon at the BBQ on the Quad and the evening concert. Each student can pick up their FREE spring concert ticket during the BBQ (a meal swipe or $6 Pard dollars) on the Quad between 4:30-7pm. Please bring your Lafayette ID to enjoy the BBQ and to pick up your free ticket.  We are pleased to offer free tickets to the Spring Concert for the fifth year in a row; however, please note this is the only distribution location and time period for free concert tickets. If you do not pick up your ticket at the BBQ, you will need to purchase them on-site at the Kirby Sports Center for $15.  All current Lafayette students must present their Lafayette ID and their ticket at the concert for entry into the Kirby Sports Center.

If you choose not to abstain from alcohol this weekend, please set a safe limit and stick to it. I want to communicate clearly the College’s expectations for the weekend around alcohol use. There will be an increased number of Easton Police, Lafayette Public Safety and security personnel located throughout campus and College Hill, starting on Friday and continuing through Sunday. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Enforcement will also be on campus this weekend. In addition, College and State policies related to alcohol, including underage and irresponsible drinking, open containers, and public intoxication, will be consistently enforced and cited. Students of any age are not permitted to consume alcohol outside on College grounds, which includes off-campus backyards, the Quad, March Field, etc. The Good Samaritan policy will be in effect, as always, however, our hope is that you would be a true Good Samaritan and intervene to stop high risk drinking before hospitalization is necessary.

From our own data, we know that most students drink responsibly (or not at all); however, we also know that it takes all of us to realize the social culture we want. To sustain the responsible culture that you have created, please hold your peers accountable to responsible choices. Celebrating irresponsible alcohol use in any way is both dangerous and can also lead to very serious implications for our community.

Keep in mind, too, the medical dangers of recreational drug use as well as the conduct implications for violating the law. Lafayette College’s policy explicitly prohibits illicit drug use as does Pennsylvania law. Please do not let the end of the semester’s celebration or this weekend’s Spring Concert cloud your judgment regarding illegal drug use or result in a choice that could lead to serious consequences for your Lafayette career.  The College will adjudicate all Student Code of Conduct cases prior to the end of the semester; however, citations issued will likely require a summer court appearance in the City of Easton for which you would need to return in person to resolve.

A few more reminders related to this weekend: (1) Students who are visibly intoxicated will not be admitted to the Spring Concert and will be cited appropriately. (2) Students who exhibit behaviors of intoxication after entering the concert will be required to leave the Kirby Arena and will be cited appropriately. (3) A no re-entry policy will be in effect for the concert. (4) A free soft pretzel will be distributed once inside the spring concert ticket and water will be available in Kirby throughout the event – please stay hydrated (5) Bags and backpacks are not permitted. (6) If you choose to consume alcohol, eat beforehand and then alternate drinks with water; do not use illegal drugs, which can lead to severe dehydration and serious medical consequences. (7) Please seek help, if needed. The Good Samaritan policy is always in effect.

Once again, I encourage you to celebrate safely, to use good judgment, and to help your friends make responsible decisions, too. Keep our prospective students safe as well and seek help for them if they need it.

We value deeply the traditions that bring us together as a Lafayette community; please be sure that your decisions are reflective of your values and of Lafayette’s.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend and please let me know if you have questions.
Dean McLoughlin


Paul J. McLoughlin II, Ph.D.

Dean of Students