As you head into spring break tomorrow afternoon, we are planning for your return and the busy weeks that remain the spring term.

As you may know, the academic calendar includes a Reading Day each fall, at the conclusion of fall classes and the day before final examinations commence. In the spring semester, exams begin on Monday, following the las day of classes on a Friday, leaving no official Reading Day in the schedule. As a result of this difference in the academic calendar between the fall and spring, students have requested in recent years for Campus Life to move the spring concert that has been held during the weekend between spring classes and exams since 2013. Each year, more students have expressed that the spring concert and associated campus-wide BBQ creates a distraction during what otherwise would be reserved for exam preparation and final projects. This has been especially true for the students who plan and work spring concert, including members of LAF and other student volunteers.

This year, we moved the Spring Concert to the weekend of April 22nd to accommodate students’ requests and to reserve the weekend of May 6th and 7th as Readings Days. This scheduling change will allow students to focus on preparing for exams, working on group projects, and completing other end-of-semester projects, papers, and assignments. Campus Life will schedule some casual, drop-in study break activities during this weekend, including an ice cream truck on March Field on Sunday. Once again, we will open additional study spaces throughout campus and extend Skillman Library Cafe hours, during the Reading Day and Examinations period.

In order to achieve the Reading Days that students have requested, Campus Life will not be sponsoring nor supporting major campus events or social events during Saturday, May 6th and 7th. While there are some musical concerts and other culminating events for courses, students should be able to focus uninterrupted by social events on campus. We ask student organizations and sponsoring organizations to avoid scheduling or funding events off-campus that weekend as well. We hope that an earlier than usual spring break and the seven weeks that remain between spring break and the end of classes on May 5th will be sufficient to schedule any social events.

Please travel safely if you’re leaving campus or, if you’re remaining on the Hill, enjoy the slower pace next week for quiet reflection and rejuvenation.

Dean McLoughlin